Bluebell Woods Self Portrait Photography

Bluebell season is upon us, so I figured what better time to try out some self portrait photography in my local bluebell woods. With a picnic in one hand, and my camera in the other, we walked through the woods to find the best spot. And I’m pretty pleased with this spot… what do you think?! As if the setting wasn’t perfect enough, just after I took this shot a deer ran past us! It reminded me just how important it is to take time out of our busy schedule and city life to appreciate the beauty of nature and the seasons.

Poppy season should start in June, and last year I missed out of photographing it due to the very hot couple of weeks we had at the beginning of July. When I arrived at the field (which a week earlier had been in full bloom) they were all shriveled up and brown! So this year I’ll plan better and make sure I get lots of gorgeous bright red snaps. Watch this space….


Bluebell Woods PhotographyPIN

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