The Robinsons ~ Brighton Family Photography

I’ve recently had the pleasure of shooting lots of Brighton family photography. Since the birth of my own little one two months ago, I have a new appreciation for the importance of documenting their growth, as they really do change day by day.

Meet Henry, the two week old addition to the Robinson family. With an impressive ability to projectile vomit!!! We met Gilly and Dave at our local NCT (National Childbirth Trust) classes before our babies were born. Where together we learnt various breathing techniques to ease the pain of labour (apparently), the¬†colour of poo we should expect¬†(from the babies that is), and the benefits of having your placenta turned into hormones capsules (if you’re that way inclined). The classes were a mixture of both helpful and unrealistic pieces of information. The most unrealistic being the subject of an ‘orgasmic birth’…. they really set us up for a fall with that lesson!

But despite the terrifying realities of birth, there is no denying how worthwhile it all is when you hold your baby in your arms. I can’t get enough of my little girl, and stare at her for hours on end (no wonder my house is such a mess), marvelling at how wonderful she is, and fascinated by her tiny fingers and toes that grip onto my finger when i touch them. It’s a bit like those early days of falling in love, when you just want to be with them all the time and cuddle them, and can’t quite believe your luck to have them in your life.

With the arrival of all of the NCT babies at last I hope to capture even more Brighton family photography in the coming weeks, so if you enjoy tiny fingers and toes as much as i do watch this space!
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