Brighton Pier Engagement Shoot ~ Rachel & Matt

The Pier is famous for it’s amusements, so this giggling couple fit right in for their Brighton Pier engagement shoot. Despite the grey overcast skies, it was warm and a Sunday, and August. This equals one VERY busy Brighton Pier!

I tried to get creative with angles to avoid capturing as many tourists as possible, but a few sneaked into the final cut… I love the lady strolling by eating those sugary, greasy, sickly yet delicious ring doughnuts you can’t resist buying if you visit the pier! Another must do on the Pier is the donkey derby (although I’m convinced it’s rigged, how is it I never win?!?), the 2 penny push-the-money-off-the-ledge games (I’m pretty good at those thanks to a misspent childhood holiday to Bognor) and the carousel. I’ve never trusted the mouse roller coaster though, it gets far too close to the edge for my liking as it jerks you around the corners with a ‘clunk’… And as for the catapult ride right at the end of the Pier that actually drops you forward over the water… I’ll give that one a miss too!

I’ve never met a couple who so naturally and continuously laughed, it was fantastic to capture them having fun and looking gorgeous together (despite their huge hangover!), and I can’t wait for their wedding in a couple of weeks. They’re getting married on another famous landmark, Brighton Bandstand, which is a stunning alternative venue for wedding ceremonies overlooking the beach. I’ve taken lots of engagement photographs on the Bandstand, but this will be my first wedding there!

(Update- Rachel and Matt’s Brighton Bandstand Wedding blog is now online too, take a look!)

Brighton Pier Engagement ShootPIN

Couple Smiling on Brighton PierPIN

Couple Laughing on Brighton PierPIN

Happy Couple of Brighton PierPIN

Brighton Pier PhotographyPIN

Laughing on Brighton PierPIN

Brighton Pier Engagement ShootPIN

Brighton Pier Engagement ShootPIN

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