Tobi & Anne | Brighton Town Hall Wedding & Beach

German Tobi and Anne lived in Brighton together years ago, and loved it so much that they decided to travel back from Germany for their wedding last October. They planned the whole wedding in less than 2 months, and chose to invite closest family and friends only. Their small and intimate wedding ceremony took place at Brighton Town Hall, they hired a VW camper van to travel around in for the weekend, and had their reception in a local pub. Their 8 month old son had matching trainers, which Tobi and Anne both wore also! They only wanted a couple of hours of photography, so armed with umbrellas (the clouds were looming!) we were able to capture some great photographs using the iconic Brighton seafront that they can reminisce over for the rest of their lives.

What a lovely idea to return to another country that you have such fond memories living in/visiting. Which country/city hold such great memories for you that you’d like to get married there if you were able to? I’m currently planning my own wedding, which is going to be in nearby Kent this summer, but given the chance (if i had a small enough family that i could take with me!) I’d have gone to Italy. The countryside, romance, beautiful language, that thick hot chocolate they have, the food and yummy wine…. what’s not to love about Italy?!


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