Connaught Pub Wedding ~ Rosie & Sara

Rosie and Sara are two of the most laid back and bubbly women, so a laid back Connaught Pub wedding (one of their local pubs in Hove) was the perfect choice for them.

Having only met each other a few years ago, their adoration for each other, and the happiness to have finally found the love of their lives, is clear for anyone to see. I had to fight back the tears myself from behind the lens as I captured their raw emotion during the ceremony.

They legally got married the day before at Brighton Town Hall, with just a handful of friends and family present. So on the day they had an amazing Humanist Ceremony in the garden, underneath a Jewish style Chuppah, which Rosie had lovingly made. A Chuppah symbolises the home that the couple will build together. Sara’s family have Jewish roots so they also incorporated the typical stamping on a glass at the end!

The speeches were just as heart felt as the ceremony, and had me again fighting back the tears. I loved the moment when Rosie & Sara embraced at the end of their joint speech, and Sara’s little nephew ran in to join them. The rest of the day was filled with loads of laugher, lots of food, and even more drinks. Exactly as every perfect wedding should!

“You did it…you captured the moments, bubbles of energy, smiles, laughter and all those tears! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We have our day in a time capsule of your photos! Big Love, Rosie & Sara”


Connaught Pub WeddingPIN

Laughing Connaught Pub WeddingPIN

Waiting to walk down the aisle at a Connaught Pub WeddingPIN

Gay Wedding Ceremony BrightonPIN

Guests Laughing at Connaught Pub WeddingPIN

Hand Tying Ceremony at Connaught Pub WeddingPIN

Reception at Connaught Pub WeddingPIN

Celebrating atConnaught Pub WeddingPIN

Holding Hands at Gay Wedding BrightonPIN

Gay Wedding BrightonPIN

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