Louisa & Sam | Countryside Kent Wedding

My oh my… it’s been virtually impossible to narrow down Louisa and Sam’s amazing Kent wedding in the picturesque (and very special!) village of Benenden to just a handful of favourites for a ‘sneak peek’. It was all just so gorgeous, and full of happy smiling faces (I really do LOVE big teeth-showing, eyes-scrunched-up, having-the-time-of-my-life grins, which this wedding was full of!). They also had the most EPIC confetti line… it went on and on and on, and they made a lot of the confetti themselves by drying out flowers from her mums garden…. it was fabulous!

So much attention to detail and thought had been put into everything. All of which Louisa and Sam, along with their friends and family had planned, made, and decorated themselves. The result…. a wonderful, love filled, personal, touching, and heart warming day to witness.

I now know the secret to successful cleaning ….. thanks to Sam’s dad! Oh, and the best man’s speech was hands down one of the funniest I’ve EVER heard, it was hard to keep the camera steady as I cracked up from start to finish.

Enjoy your extensive ‘sneak peek’ Louisa and Sam, the rest will be with you soon!



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