Maddy & Jono Wedding ~ Newborough Beach Anglesey

Despite having lived in North Wales as a teenager, I’d hadn’t been aware of the stunning Newborough Beach in Anglesey until Maddy and Jono’s wedding last month. Jono grew up a mile away from this beach and it holds lots of memories for him, so it was the perfect place to add a few more, and to have a few quiet minutes together away from their guests, and to capture some gorgeous portrait photos of the two of them at dusk.

Maddy and Jono are a young couple, embarking on a very big adventure in their lives, not only marriage but parenthood. Maddy looked stunning as she proudly showed off her bump in her gorgeous maternity wedding dress, purchased online for a bargain £40! The wedding day was a collaboration of the talents and efforts of both families (along with a lot of hard work and planning by the couple) and the result was a wonderful wedding day for under £500. Which just goes to show that the most important thing is that you have decided to make that commitment to each other, and that’s all you need sometimes, not a fancy venue or designer shoes (as lovely as those things are if you’re able to have them!). But the love this couple have for each other, and their unborn baby, is all that matters to them, and I wish them both well at this exciting time in their lives! 


Newborough beach at sunsetPINBride and groom on the beachPINbride and groom laughing on Newborough beachPINbride with pink bouquet smiling on the beachPINclose up bride on Newborough beach holding her bouquet PINbride on the back at sunsetPINbride and groom standing amongst tall treesPINbride and groom in Newborough woodsPIN

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