Theatre Uncut ~ Circus Street Warehouse Brighton

In December I shot an exciting new production of Theatre Uncut in Brighton, performed in the Circus Street warehouse.

Theatre Uncut was created to get people thinking, talking and taking action on the events that are happening in the world around them. The idea is simple. Playwrights from a selection of countries are asked to write brand new short plays in response to their current political situation. These scripts are then made available for anyone to perform anywhere. Theatre Uncut is run by artistic directors Emma Callander and Hannah Price. To find out how you can get involved please visit

This years plays were directed by Ellen Carr of Witness Theatre, Jess Duxbury of Kettle Black Productions, and Lana Harper. The plays were written by Clara Brennan, Inua Ellams, Vivienne Franzmann, Anders Lustgarten and Hayley Squires. This years theme for the plays were ‘Knowledge Is Power. Knowledge Is Change’. Anders is a Brightonian himself, so attend the production and carried out a very interesting Q&A session afterwards.

The performances were free to attend, and asked only for donations, with all of the proceeds being split between Amnesty International (Theatre Uncut’s chose charity) and the Real Junk Food Project. The Real Junk Food project are UK wide, but this was the Brighton team’s first event. The amazing curries produced were made from food intercepted from stores who due to legislation have to throw out perfectly good and in-date food. The Project intercept and collect this food, and produce fantastic meals on a strictly pay-as-you-feel (PAYF) basis. I look forward to seeing the Real Junk Food Project at many more local events in the future.

The performance was truly an experience to appreciate. The professional actors were superb, on arrival the audience collected their meals and gathered on communal tables to eat and meet which really built up the excitement for the performance you were about to see, and to keep warm in this otherwise chilly type of venue they supplied hot water bottles (or hot water for those of us who had brought our own with us and suggested), and I welcomed the delicious hot chocolate provided during the interval also. It was one of the best productions I have seen in Brighton for a long time (I’m a regular at the Brighton Festival and Fringe Festival productions). Long may Brighton continue to bring such unique and original productions such as this one… “Bravo!”

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