Rosie & Stace ~ Walled Garden Cowdray Wedding Photographer

My new baby daughter is now six months old and is having her first day with the childminder today, so I can finally catch up on some work! First on the to-do list is Rosie and Stace’s blog, and my first time as a Walled Garden Cowdray wedding photographer.

The Walled Garden in Cowdray is my type of venue. It is absolutely bursting with a vast array of colourful flowers, you catch glimpses of castle ruins above the high red brick and moss covered walls, children race around on the immaculate lawn, and the sun was shining. Who could ask for more?! The ceremony is held in the gardens, under a registered gazebo, and the reception is held in the modern but attractive rooms attached to the gardens.

Rosie and Stace have been together since school, so there is LONG history, and a lot of love amongst their family and friends. They got engaged whilst travelling in South America together, where Stace proposed to Rosie at the top of Machu Picchu. So it was fitting that there was a South American theme to the wedding, with mini cactuses as the wedding favours, and Llamas on the wedding cake.

The flowers were created by the very talented Holly at the Cadogan Flower Company in East Grinstead, and were quite simply some of the most stunning wedding flowers I have ever seen! The vivid colour choice and combination were so beautiful, and Holly will now be highly recommended to any of my future couples. You can see a close up of Rosie’s bouquet towards the bottom of the blog, and Holly also created the huge centrepiece hanging from the ceremony gazebo. Amazing!

If you are looking for an outdoor venue for your summer wedding look no further that the Walled Garden at Cowdray, and hope I get the chance to return as Walled Garden Cowdray wedding photographer in the future.

Walled Garden Cowdray WeddingPINWedding-Dress-Walled-Garden-Cowdray-Wedding PINBouquet-Walled-Garden-Cowdray-WeddingPINBridal-Preparation-Walled-Garden-Cowdray-WeddingPINGuest-At-Walled-Garden-Cowdray-WeddingPINGroom-At-Walled-Garden-Cowdray-WeddingPINWalled-Garden-Cowdray-Wedding-Outdoor-CeremonyPINWalled-Garden-Cowdray-Wedding-CeremonyPINFirst Kiss at Walled Garden Cowdray WeddingPINGuests-At-Walled-Garden-Cowdray-WeddingPINConfetti-At-Walled-Garden-Cowdray-WeddingPINFlowers-At-Walled-Garden-Cowdray-WeddingPINGrandmother-at-Walled-Garden-Cowdray-WeddingPINGuests-Dancing-At-Walled-Garden-Cowdray-WeddingPINWalled-Garden-Cowdray-Wedding-DancingPINWalled-Garden-Cowdray-Wedding-PartyingPINWalled-Garden-Cowdray-Wedding-DancingPIN

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