About me

Jennifer-Andy-Rye-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photographer-Jackson-Co-Photography-172-e1431372079162PINHello! I’m Jen, and yep, this is me on my wedding day…..with a ridiculously large grin on my face that I hadn’t seen in a photo since that one (below), taken when I was caught trying out my mum’s lipstick and was promptly put in the bath to wash it off (not before my mum took a snap thankfully!) Can you see the likeness??! I had no idea until I saw my wedding photos that I still show so much teeth when I get excited (not to mention impersonating a hamster with it’s mouthful) but it turns out I do…. and I certainly did on my wedding day- a LOT!

And that’s exactly why I love this photo. It’s not my usual (more refined… AKA less teeth) camera smile that I’m used to seeing in photos, and that’s why it’s so great, it’s captured me looking like ME when I’m just so happy that I could burst.

And this is what drives me as a wedding photographer… capturing YOU with ridiculously big grins on your face, having the best day of your life!

I’ve always enjoyed to look through the photos of my life, and of those around me. To see how we all looked as podgy babies, and especially as awkward spotty teenagers. Seeing my parents and grandparents as children, when I’ve only ever known them as adults. It’s always fascinated me, and those moments in our memories can also fade over time, but there they are captured in front of us in print forever. It’s this admiration for capturing history has led me here. And I want to capture your history, even if it is just for one day.me with lippyPIN

I’d love to hear from you, show you more of my portfolio over tea and cake, and to chat all about your wedding plans.

Oh, and if you’d like to know a little more about me…. I live in a village just outside of Brighton and I love writing to-do lists, reading travel guides (even when I’m not actually going on holiday), wine tastings, 80’s films (my fave is The Goonies), the smell of Christmas trees, the style and class of the 1920’s, and tuuuuuunes from the 90’s (House of Pain’s “Jump Around”- need I say more?!). I’m a mum to Eva and Charlie, and I adore relaxing Sunday evenings next to the fire with my hubby.


Image by the wonderful Jackson and Co Photography (the wedding one… not the bath shot obviously!)

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