• Natural & Relaxed – Documentary Style Brighton Wedding Photographer

    No cheese or awkward posing. I capture the fun and beauty of your day in a natural and relaxed way, fitting in like one of the guests and looking out for all of those fabulous belly- laughing, tear- streaming, dancing like no-one's watching candid shots that show who you & yours loved ones really are.

    There’s so much happening on your wedding day, so many people to speak to and laugh with, that it’s impossible for you to see it all. That’s where I come in…. to provide you with a visual story of your day, show you the bits you missed, and remind you of the moments that you can smile and laugh over for the rest of your life.

    My style is documentary photography, I have the camera pretty much glued to my face from the moment I arrive until the moment I leave, in order to capture every moment possible. I've even mastered the technique of shooting with both eyes open, so that I can watch the main action through the lens, but look out for those unexpected moments.

    I don’t boss your guests around to get them ‘in position’, I don’t take endless formal photos (the fewer the better in fact), and I don’t turn your wedding day into a photo shoot.

    What I do is blend in, snap away continuously and unobtrusively, have a giggle with your guests to make them feel relaxed around me, and do everything possible to make it fun! I also double up as a handy stand-in bridesmaid when the official ones are dancing the night away, and you need someone to help with your dress/hair/grab you a drink when you can’t escape a very chatty great-aunt.

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