What to look for in Brighton Wedding Photographers

You want to have your wedding captured beautifully by an experienced photographer These are the things you should look for in Brighton Wedding Photographers

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Your wedding photos are the most important piece of your wedding. Why? Because your photos are the one thing from your wedding that will last forever.

The cake will be eaten, the decorations will be thrown away, the laughter spent and the tears will be cried. However, your pictures will be the one thing that’ll make each one of those moments last a bit longer in memory.

For those of you that are getting married in Brighton, you want to make sure that you carefully communicate with your wedding photographer exactly what you want so that they can capture these special moments in the best light. Here are six things you should look for when picking a Brighton wedding photographer.

Decide Your Preferred Style of Photography

Before you start searching for Brighton wedding photographers, sit down and think about what style of photography you’re looking for. If you hire a wedding photographer that doesn’t shoot in a style that’s compatible with your wedding theme or preference, you’re not going to be happy with the work no matter how talented the photographer is.

Here are a few common photography themes for you to ponder:


Think of a photojournalist when you think of documentary style photography. With this style, you won’t see many people looking into the camera because the photographer is catching raw and natural moments of people laughing, eating, dancing, or crying.

The photos are meant to capture the story of your wedding day exactly as it happened. Go for this style if you want photos that are very memorable natural and don’t care about everyone and everything looking perfectly put together.

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Classic Portraiture

If you want more traditional wedding photos, go with this style. This style includes posed shots of you and your loved one, family and friends against selected backdrops.

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Fine Art

This type of photography is very similar to portraiture except this style is more dreamy and dramatic. Some examples of these type of photos might be a bride and groom being shot in black and white with the background blurred around them.

Motion looks very natural in this style of photography. This style isn’t as poised as portraiture so make sure this is the type of style you’re looking for before you choose it.

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Do Your Homework

Before you hire any Brighton wedding photographers, make sure to do your homework! You want to go online and check out their social media accounts such as their Facebook page and their Instagram.

Look to see if they’ve posted any of their work online on their website or social media. You want to make sure that their work is compatible with the type of photography you’re looking for.

Interview 3-5 Brighton Wedding Photographers

To make sure that the Brighton wedding photographer you choose is the absolute best fit for your wedding, try to meet up in-person with the photographers you’re considering. Set up some in-person interviews with 3-5 Brighton wedding photographers that you’re interested in.

You’ll want to ask them questions to make sure that your personalities mesh, and to hear more details about their pricing and packages.

Make sure to check out at least 1-2 of their full wedding albums. Can you see yourself in these photos? Is the style of photography something that you would want for your special day?

Compare Packages & Pricing to Your Budget

It can be difficult for wedding photographers to give you an exact quote unless you know exactly what you want. You will need to know factors such as, how many albums you’ll need, how much coverage you’ll need (full day versus half day) and what size photos you want. All of these factors will determine the photographer’s price.

Ask the photographer what their standard package includes and at what price. Then, ask them how much it would cost to add-on services just in case you need and want to add these features on.

Lastly, make sure you ask about your rights to the photos. Photographers work hard on their work and have rights to their photography. Don’t assume that if they give you a CD of photos that you are free to print them and reproduce them. You may have to pay an additional fee to do this.

Look Beyond the Venue’s Photographer

Many venues have a list of preferred vendors which oftentimes includes wedding photographers. While there is nothing wrong with using the preferred photographers and seek additional wedding photographers in your area.

You may find that there is another Brighton wedding photographer that is a better fit for your special day than the photographer your venue suggests.

Get a Photographer That Specializes in Weddings

Photography is an art that takes skill, practice, dedication, and passion. However, every photographer does not specialize in everything. Most photographers specialize in niches such as newborn photography, lifestyle photography, fashion photography, wedding photography and more.

Even if you know a very talented photographer, they may not be a good fit for your special day if they’re not a photographer that specializes in weddings. You want to make sure you hire a photographer that has experience in weddings and knows exactly how to capture your day in a perfect way.

Bringing It All Together

When looking for a Brighton wedding photographer, there are several things you’ll want to check to make sure you and your photographer are a good fit for one another.

  • have a personality that goes well with yours
  • Have a style of photography that’s going to mesh well with you and your wedding theme,
  • most importantly, you want to make sure that they specialize in weddings!

When it comes to your wedding day, don’t skimp on the price and go with someone who wouldn’t be 100% compatible for your special day.

Work with a wedding photographer who lives right here in Brighton and who would love to capture your history, even if it’s just for one day. Contact me today to discuss how we can make your special day even better by capturing it with beautiful photography!

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