Hiring Your Sussex Wedding Photographer ~ 10 Things To Ask

Hiring Your Sussex Wedding Photographer: 10 Things to Ask

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Before your big day, you need to hire the right Sussex wedding photographer. Don’t get swept off your feet (yet)! Keep this list of questions handy.

Your wedding is one day of your life you want to be able to remember for the rest of your life.

As much as the ceremony and festivities are important, the right person to capture these moments is just as necessary. Before you hire your Sussex wedding photographer, you need to be sure of their quality of work and work ethic.

Can you trust this person with some of your life’s most important moments? Do you communicate well together?

The best way to answer these questions is to ask your photography candidates directly.

Here Are 10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Sussex Wedding Photographer

1. Can I See an Entire Gallery of Photos?

Portfolios are crafted to be the best work from various events and settings.

A gallery is different, and much more insightful than a portfolio.

In fact, one gallery can be up to 700 photos! This is 700 chances to get a feel for the photographer’s experience.

A full gallery from one wedding shows you the kind of package you are getting yourself into. Can the photographer capture both outdoor and indoor settings, different kinds of lighting, or planned poses and candids?

If you can go through a gallery and feel like you just went to someone else’s wedding, there is a good chance that Sussex wedding photographer can accurately capture your wedding, too.

Photographers are usually more than happy to share whole galleries with you, so feel free to ask.

2. Do You Have Reviews?

Pictures may say 1,000 words, but a review will tell you everything you need to know. Reviews will give you an insight into other peoples experiences with that Sussex wedding photographer, and might help you with making one of the most important decisions for your big day. You can read some of my reviews here or on my google business page

3. What Is Your Photography Style?

A gallery and references will start to give you a feel for a photographer’s quality of work, but their shooting style is definitely something to chat about.

Think about the vision you have for your wedding and the memories you want to make.

Do you plan to set aside time for posed group shots? Or, would you rather trust the photographer’s ability to properly capture you and your partner enjoying the festivities?

Portraits and candids are two unique worlds of photography. Know what you want and pick the Sussex wedding photographer ready to deliver.

4. Are You Okay With Having a Shot List?

Once you decide the general direction your wedding photography will take, you can start to discuss the absolute must-have moments.

This is your shot list – a specific list of photos you want to have.

Think, the “kiss the bride” moment, a group shot of the wedding party, candids of the first dance.

Not all Sussex wedding photographers are comfortable with having a shot list. Some may only allow a certain amount of specifics. Talk to your photographer about exactly what you want.

5. What Rights Do I Have to My Wedding’s Photos?

Paying for a Sussex wedding photographer does not usually mean you are paying for the copyrights to the photos.

Usually you can print and share the photos with your friends and family as much as you want, but you are not allowed to edit them (this includes turning colour photos into black and white).

If you want to share the photos with the venue, other suppliers, an online blogger, magazine publication, or any other type of advertising, please make sure if they use the images they credit the photographer.

6. What Kind of Equipment Do You Plan to Bring?

Some photographers can do it all with a few cameras around their neck and a bag of extra equipment.

Others may be planning to show up with an extra photographer or assistant, tripods, or even a full backdrop.

Talk to your potential photographer about their picture-taking process and all the tools they will need.

A small, intimate wedding may not call for everything they have in mind. Or, you may find you are looking for someone who plans to be a little more prepared.

7. How Long Have You Been a Sussex Wedding Photographer?

It’s important to hire an experienced photograher.

It may be tempting to cut costs by asking a friend or relative with a fancy camera to take the photos for you. But weddings are busy and have plenty of things happening all at once that need capturing, so you need to be able to trust that your photographer can capture as much as possible, everything from the teary-eyed toasts to the best moves on the dance floor.

A friend or relative will understandably want to relax and enjoy the wedding, so they won’t be able to capture as much as a professional photographer. The quality of the images taken by an experienced professional is likely to be much higher also, so if the photos are important to you I highly recommend choosing a professional.

8. Can We Meet In Person?

Your Sussex wedding photographer is one of the most important guests at your wedding!

No matter if you found them via social media or online searching, you need time face to face before the wedding. This is a great opportunity to discuss details and see how well you get along. If you don’t live locally to your photographer, toy can ask to speak to them on Skype instead.

9. What Is Your Price Range?

Wedding photography pricing can range vastly. The higher the price, the more experienced and professional the photographer tends to be.

It’s often a question of priorities, which of course you have the right to decide. But for example, would you rather hire a fancy car for a short journey, if it meant that you couldn’t afford a good photographer?

You are likely to have put a lot of time, effort and money into your wedding already. Capturing the day to its fullest is a worthwhile investment, so that you can look back on the day and share it with your loved ones for years and generations to come.

10. Will You Sign a Contract?

The last step before tying the knot is signing the dotted line.

A contract ensures you and your Sussex wedding photographer are on the same page about things like the pricing, and when to expect your photos after the wedding.

It is a sign of good faith and a testament to their professionalism.

Your wedding only happens once, but the photos will take you back to the special moments as much as you’d like.

The right Sussex wedding photographer can make your memories come to life long after the party is over!

If you’d like to chat about hiring me as your photographer call me on 07736466004 or email info@jennifersmithphotography.co.uk

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