Fun Wedding Ideas to Charm Your Wedding Guests

12 Fun Wedding Ideas to Charm Your Wedding Guests

Everyone wants to have the wedding their guests never forget. With these 12 fun wedding ideas for your Brighton wedding you’ll be sure to do just that!

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Everyone wants to have the wedding their guests never forget. With these 12 fun wedding ideas for your Brighton wedding you’ll be sure to do just that!

Your wedding is a day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Why not give it a little extra something to make it even more memorable? Sometimes it’s the smallest details of the event that will make your big day exceptional.

The last thing you want is a lull in the excitement between the ceremony and the reception–after all, you’ve got kids, teenagers, adults, and grandparents to keep entertained for the whole event. Avoid those awkward gaps with nothing to do and keep your guests riveted until the very end.

Check out these fun wedding ideas to transform your big day from a great wedding to a truly unforgettable one.

12 Fun Wedding Ideas to Charm Your Wedding Guests

Need ideas to make your wedding day extra special? Looking for something to keep guests entertained?

These unique wedding ceremony ideas will help make sure that your day goes off with a bang.

1. Anniversary Pinata

Why not create a time capsule for your wedding?

Put together a pinata–or you can just use a wine bottle for convenience–and ask friends and family to place messages inside. On the anniversary of your choice, you can open it for some fond memories and affirmations from those you love.

2. Photo Booth

Photo booths will never go out of style. They come in all shapes and sizes–so they can fit any wedding theme out there.

It’s a great way for your guests to document the day and leave you fun pictures and messages. With photo booth props and plenty of silly faces, you’ll be sure to have plenty of wedding memories to cherish.

3. Singing Waiters

Take customer service to a whole new level by hiring waiters with a little more musicality. Singing waiters can liven up your dinner with acapella versions of all your favorite songs.

To make it even more exciting, keep the servers’ musical talents a secret from your guests–until they suddenly burst into song.

4. Hangover Kits

Don’t leave your guests with a boring wedding favour–get them their very own Hangover Kit.

Put together a portable kit with a bottle of water, headache tablets, and mints. You can also add cute extras like buttons or stickers, as well as a thank you note for attending the wedding.

5. Kids’ Table

The hardest guests to keep entertained are always the little ones. Keep kids entertained with a designated ‘Kids’ Table.’

Set it up with all the extras, like paper, scissors, crayons, glue, and candy. Add board games, balloons, or outdoor games for some extra fun. If you don’t have the room for a table, you can put little activity packs at every child’s’ seat with some quiet activities like coloring books or a puzzle.

6. Bubbles

Bubbles aren’t just for the kids–adults will love them too! They make everybody happy and can make for some gorgeous pictures

Instead of making a mess with confetti at your reception, consider having guests blow bubbles instead. Give each guest their own bubble wands and watch the magic happen.

7. Creative Lighting

Capturing natural wedding photos is all about the lighting–and a gorgeous atmosphere will make your guests feel at ease.

Get creative with your lighting on the big day. Use effects to transform the space from day to night, or add extra effects by projecting patterns, images, or videos on the walls.

8. Drinks Station

Don’t go for a standard drinking experience. Create a drinks station where guests can customize their drinks with fruits, liquors, and fizz.

Putting together a creative, out of the box drink station with cute decorations can make it the center of your reception. Your guests will definitely thank you for this one.

9. Instagram Hashtag

Keep up with the social media trend by making your wedding Instagramable.

Set up a social media hashtag for your wedding, so guests can tag photos of your wedding. Then everyone can share in the joy of the photos–in one digital place. You can even print them out for your wedding album later if you really love them.

10. Sparklers

Light up your wedding night–and your photos–with sparklers. Give each of your guests their very own sparklers to play around with.

Not only will it keep them entertained, but it will make for some stunning wedding photos for your album. Just make sure that you’re in an open, outdoor space. Keep some buckets of water for safe disposal.

11. Pick a Side

Play a little icebreaker with your guests to help them get to know each other.

Hand out badges or buttons at the start of the wedding depicting which one of the happy couple they know or are related to. Then, as the guests start to mingle, they can guess how other guests know them. It’s a great way to break the tension and spark some playful conversation.

12. Dance Off

Keep things lively on the dance floor with a bit of competition.

Set up an old-fashioned dance-off between two teams. You can split between men and women, or the bride and groom. The DJ can decide the prizes for the best (and worst) moves.

Make Your Wedding Memorable

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life–why not take the time to make it special?

These fun wedding ideas can help you make your event unforgettable, for the bride and groom as well as the guests. Keep everyone entertained with these fun, quirky, and out of the box wedding ideas.

No wedding is complete without a set of gorgeous photos to remember it by. If you’re looking for a Brighton wedding photographer, take a look at some of my work to see if we’d be the right fit.

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